Mission Statement

The name of the game is:

Climate solutions

As part of an EU-wide community to bring change through innovation, the Hub runs education and entrepreneurial programmes that apply innovative practice towards a net zero carbon economy. We believe that innovation is key to real change.

But climate change is a huge problem, one that can be felt across the globe and in all sectors. Our mission is to understand the challenges and implement solutions within a local context. What does climate change look like in Malta and what can we realistically achieve in terms of mitigation and adaptation efforts? We focus on three key areas to make tangible solutions that can be felt overĀ  the short-term and long-term.




By targeting the energy, food and water nexus, our team works to understand specific challenges within these thematic areas and applies systems innovation to arrive at real solutions.

We are here to make change for a cleaner, healthier, more beautiful Malta.